Professional Hydro Dipping Results

January 2, 2017By PhilUncategorized

What is Hydrographics? Hydrographics has quite a few generic names. Just a few of these names are hydro dipping. water transfer, hydrographic printing, hydro printing, water transfer printing, immersion printing, camo dipping, and many more. Now that you know what hydrographics is called, the next question is what is it? In a nutshell, it is … Read More

Why Hydrographic Dipping is so Popular

October 24, 2016By PhilUncategorized

Hydrographic dipping is where finishes are created using a unique water transfer printing process that can be used on nearly any material such as metals, plastics, glass, hard woods, and many more surfaces. The water transfer printing process my be simple, but it takes a professional to do the job right. If you have ever … Read More

Quality Golf Cart Batteries

July 10, 2016By PhilUncategorized

One of the more enjoyable sports that can be played by both men and women of all ages is the sport of golf. There is nothing quite like grabbing your set of clubs and playing a round of 18 holes on a beautiful summer day. Of course, after the 18th hole you can enjoy a … Read More

Ohio Roadways To Allow Golf Carts in 2017

July 4, 2016By PhilUncategorized

For years golfers have been riding around courses in carts, but soon they will be able to hit the road with them as well. There is a new traffic law in Ohio going into effect on January 1, 2017 which will allow golf carts to be driven on all Ohio roadways at a 35 mph … Read More

Optional Golf Cart Accessories For Golfers

June 5, 2016By PhilUncategorized

If you are using your golf cart on the golf course, there are various golf cart accessories that can come in handy. What should you have in your golf cart? Many golfers ask this question because they don’t want to miss out on something and then regret it as they are golfing with their friends. … Read More