Hydrographic dipping is where finishes are created using a unique water transfer printing process that can be used on nearly any material such as metals, plastics, glass, hard woods, and many more surfaces. The water transfer printing process my be simple, but it takes a professional to do the job right.
If you have ever seen a golf cart with a cool camo look, it was probably dipped in a hydrographics tank. As a matter of fact, you can get many different golf cart accessories dipped and create your own unique look. Guns, automotive parts, and ATVs are also being dipped.
Our Hydro Graphics Printing Process is very durable too. We only use the highest grade materials. After the items are printed they receive a clear coat finish for long lasting durability.
Our custom Water Transfer Printing and Hydro Dipping Shop can service your individual or single item needs, as well as larger custom projects and manufacturing projects. Our process is virtually unlimited.


Our products allow for the highest quality finishes in the Hydro Dipping industry. Our team at Tipp City Golf Carts will be glad to help you tailor a program that meets your decorating needs. Please Contact Us for an affordable quote. You will absolutely love your hydro dipped items.